Private Coaching – DEVELOPMENT COACH

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Private Coaching – DEVELOPMENT COACH

Private Coaching is designed to have quality one on one time with the coach. The aim is to develop tennis technique as best as possible with little disruption from other players as in a group lesson. The outcome will enable confidence and ability to now compete in group, social or match play events as the tennis game will improve dramatically.









Private Coaching

30 minutes USD 8.00 USD 10.00
45 minutes USD 10.00 USD 12.00
60 minutes USD 12.00 USD 15.00

Joint Lesson

45 minutes USD 12.00 USD 15.00
60 minutes USD 15.00 USD 20.00

*An alternative RTGS price isavailable

*Please contact us and hopefully we can choose as adequate coach if you haven’t done so already from our coach’s profiles.  

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