Tennis Champions - Born Or Made?

Tennis Champions - Born Or Made?

How does one develop into a tennis champion? Is it the result of training and good coaching, or are there certain inborn abilities that determine who makes it and who doesn't?

Remember when you were in school, there were always some extremely smart kids in the math class? They could come up with answers much more quickly than the rest of the class. And yet most of those smart kids hadn't had any more lessons in math than the other kids. No, they just had the gift. The math lessons provided them with additional "training" to develop that gift to a higher level. In fact, they could be taught high-level mathematics and still follow, while the rest wouldn't understand even if the subject were explained to them over and over again.

Tennis is, in my opinion, a very similar story. Except that it's much more complex. A genius in mathematics is brilliant when it comes to solving equations, but can be really poor in foreign languages, history and other subjects. Not to mention physical education...

But if one wants to be brilliant in tennis, then he needs to be above average in many different skills. Here are just some of them:

Physical skills

Technical and Tactical skills









Dynamic Balance


Hand-eye Coordination



Other shots (slice, lob, drop shot, ...)

Mental skills

Understanding tennis strategy and being able to apply it


Playing Offense

Emotional Control

Playing Defense

Thought Control

Playing against different types of opponents (aggressive baseliners, net rushers, left-handers...)

Never-give-up mentality

Net play

Courage and Self-confidence

Playing on different surfaces


Playing Tie-breaks

Problem-solving skills

Dealing with different types of shots



So, when it comes to becoming a tennis champion, the player must ALREADY be gifted (talented - or having potential) in most of the above-mentioned skills. It's only through training and good coaching that the player can finally develop himself to the potential that is within. But if there is not enough talent in most of these skills, then the player cannot reach high-level tennis, no matter how many hours he / she puts into training and no matter who is coaching him / her. In other words, the players reach their limit, just as they reach their limit in growth and cannot be forced to grow taller.

In summary - a player who is gifted in most important tennis-related physical, mental, technical and strategic skills can reach world-class tennis with quality coaching and sufficient training. This doesn't mean that he or she will, but the possibility - the potential - is there. But a player lacking talent and ability in some of the above-mentioned skills can never reach world-class tennis, even by putting in extra hours with an expert coach.

Of course, world-class tennis is not the only way to happiness and personal fulfillment. Being a tennis winner in your town, region or even country is a great achievement, based on your natural talents and lack of them. The key is to realistically assess your gifts and potential and then set realistic goals which, when reached, will give the satisfaction and confidence to pursue higher ones.

And last, but not least - tennis isn't everything in life.

It's just one of many careers and endeavors you can choose to pursue and become good in what you do and do great work serving the needs of others.

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